September 23, 2023


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Animated LED Arrows Point The Way

Animated LED Arrows Point The Way

Guests at the Yard D’Lights in Bellevue, Washington had a challenge. Whilst touring the holiday getaway lights display, they kept straying off the path. The celebration organizers tried using some uncomplicated LED arrows, but they ended up just a lot more points of gentle amongst a sea stuffed with them. This is when [Eric Gunnerson] was questioned to assist out. He’s seemingly experienced some expertise with LED animations, even cooking up a easy descriptor language for producing animations pushed by an ESP32. To make the intended route obvious, he turned to a PVC board with 50 embedded WS2812 pixels –RGB controllable LEDs. The handle box was a USB electrical power adapter and an ESP8266, pretty very carefully waterproofed and connected to the string of pixels. The backer board is painted black, to comprehensive the components. Adhere all-around soon after the inevitable break, to get a appear at the last

The description of the develop course of action is detailed and incorporates some wonderful ideas, but devoid of a intelligent LED animation, it is nevertheless of questionable utility. The pattern selected is terrific, with the LEDs remaining blue most of the time, and a flame-like gradient chasing by the arrow just about every few seconds. It is of course unique from the lights of the show, and appears to be to be a actual winner. [Eric] has revealed his code, with the sheepish caveat that he had to reinvent the wheel when once more, and could not reuse any of his former LED animation get the job done on this a single. It’s a basic hack, but a fantastic develop log, and an helpful option to a delicate trouble. And if addressable LEDs are your detail, check out out our other hacks!