September 21, 2023


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As it happened: Covid booster jabs ready from September, minister says

For the past
week, Chinese media has been dominated by the developments in India.

China has been keen
to signal its concern, and that it is sending aid. According to the Xinhua News Agency, China has supplied more than 5,000 ventilators, 21,569 oxygen
generators, more than 21.48 million masks and about 3,800 tons of medicine to India
since April.

Chinese companies have also been “accelerating production” of a
further 40,000 oxygen generators.

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But media have also been critical of the Indian government’s handling of the situation. Commentary websites such as Guancha (The Observer) have been keen to highlight local people’s “disappointment” in Prime Minister Modi and today, The Paper has noted Rahul Gandhi, the former leader of India’s opposition, has said only a “full lockdown can now save people”. In other words, a similar approach to what the Chinese city of Wuhan did in January 2020.

There have been ongoing concerns in China that India’s outbreak could spill over into the country. Today, outlets are observing nearby Nepal is “becoming a mini India”, and due to growing cases has “requested vaccines from China, Russia and other countries”.

It’s not just the mainland that has concerns; Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said today it is “in talks with travel agencies about airlifting its citizens out of India”.