December 4, 2023


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Davina McCall shares SHOCKING photo of herself for hilarious reason

Aisha Nozari

Read on with caution, because Davina McCall’s latest social media post is heart-stopping!

The TV star hilariously revealed that she’d bought herself the series Dead Set on Blu-Ray for Christmas.

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Anyone who watched the Charlie Brooker mini-series at the time will recall that the show follows a zombie outbreak on the Big Brother set.

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Of course, Davina was the host of the popular reality show for many years, so it makes sense that she made an appearance in the show as a zombie!

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Davina shared the photo on Instagram 

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Sharing a clip of the series’ Blu-Ray cover, which featured a shocking photo of Davina in full zombie makeup, the doting mum could be heard saying: “Christmas present to myself. The Blu-Ray edition has a really nice picture of me inside! Yay!”

While Davina is known for her side-splitting sense of humour, she also takes time to address important issues, most recently in December, when she opened up about the sadness and frustration she felt with her children while homeschooling during the UK coronavirus lockdown.

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The snap was a far cry from the star’s usual glam look 

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Davina admitted: “I just got so annoyed and I was so short-tempered.

“I posted something on Instagram saying, ‘I’ve been in tears, I am the worst parent ever, I can’t do the teaching, I’m so undisciplined, I feel so terrible for them.'”

She then laughed: “Then my best friend sent me a pic of a quokka. When prey is nearby, they offer up their young so they don’t get killed. She said, ‘At least you’re not a quokka!'”

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