September 21, 2023


It's Your Education

Florida officials dangerously inserting faith into general public faculties

Ryan D. Jayne

Florida officials are dangerously — and unconstitutionally — marketing Christian nationalism in public schools.

The Legislature has handed a monthly bill that will call for a 1-to 2-minute moment of silence every early morning at each and every public university in Florida, openly meant to really encourage learners to recite prayers in course. The requirement is staying included to a provision of the regulation relating to “study of the Bible and religion” in public faculties. While this year’s improve removes the “prayer” language (which is great), it helps make the activity obligatory, and the religious intent is nevertheless simple.

A second assault on secular colleges, based mostly on a 2019 legislation to revisit community university civics requirements, is the Florida Division of Education’s proposal for new American background curriculum standards that indoctrinate youngsters into a counterfactual version of history. It is developed to paint a false narrative that the United States is a Christian nation — and that, by implication, one particular need to be Christian in buy to be a “true” American.