July 15, 2024


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How Social Learning Helps in Gaining Knowledge in the Corporate Organization

How Social Learning Helps in Gaining Knowledge in the Corporate Organization

With a gradual shift towards a technology based learning process, Learning and Development Industry has undergone momentous changes. Over a period of time, imparting knowledge has become incredibly dynamic. With new information in abundant circulation in cyber sphere, thereby making education more straightforward and fascinating. Moreover, the extensive use of collaborative technologies have given way to an interactive learning environment, which helps people to stay informed about the trends in their domain.

For an overall growth, enterprises are increasingly resorting to the speed of knowledge transfer and decision-making. Social networking integrated with various powerful applications offer a steadfast platform to learn new things and broaden knowledge base in the most effective way. There is no denying the fact that on-the-job informal learning at workplaces offer the best possible way of imparting knowledge to employees. Traditionally it was confined to the physical location of the employees, but social media has opened up new avenues with a galore of available resources in the social networking domain.

Let’s take an example to demonstrate how an informal platform helps in making the learning process productive and functional. For a salesperson, the most difficult part is to convince a potential customer about the prospect of a particular product or services. However, he is not able to reach his target audience as each of his colleagues in office handling a variety of products or services and is not familiar with the one he is trying to sell. In such a situation, if that salesperson gets access to an informal platform to voice out his problem, he can get help from people who might have faced a similar situation. The process can help people gain necessary knowledge and encourage them to deliver best results.

Over a period of time, Elearning has substituted face-to-face interaction. All the more, social learning has brought a wider platform, keeping pace with technological advancements. In this new age learning process, geographical boundaries are no more a hindrance to the effective learning mode. Moreover, they can even learn as per their convenient time through this virtual platform. No matter what is the mode of discussion, online and offline, the continuity of education is never disrupted.

One of primary reasons that make social learning so popular is its capability to keep individuals stay informed, and acquire a wider perspective of things. It not only helps in learning new things, but assists in taking informed and more structured decisions as and when required. In this collaborative or interactive environment of learning, knowledge is neither imparted not received. The essence of social learning is sharing knowledge freely, thereby making enterprise training sessions more fascinating and interesting