December 4, 2023


It's Your Education

How to Get the Perfect Employee

Commonly getting a job is hard but did you know that hiring people is also a struggle? Yes, you read that right. Employees as they say are assets of a company. So when companies hire people they do it with dedication. Hiring new workers is a challenge for them. They have to create a list of things needed to be posted on their job ads. They also have to consider several factors to be able to attract candidates to apply.

Here are some tips for attracting a candidate to apply to a company:

Be specific with the job description: Most ads always use the same description when posting job hiring such as:

  • age bracket
  • must have at least 5 years of experience
  • hardworking
  • and more other characteristics that scare applicants in applying for the job.

Instead of giving a broad description, it is wiser to innovate ways to attract talent by giving a more specific description of the task they need to do. For instance, a company would want to hire a marketing manager.

Here is a sample way of how to attract job seekers to apply for your job vacancies. For the introduction of your job post it’s better if it starts with something catchy, like this:

Do you love talking to people?

Then you are welcome to apply as our marketing manager.

Making the first line of ads simple can help you recruit effectively. After getting the applicant’s attention you can now move to the next details of the job descriptions.

For the details of the task, it will also be more attractive to the candidates If it is specific. Let me set an example. Here are some details that would be good to describe the skills a marketing manager should have:

  • Willing to work with a team
  • Good at communicating with different kinds of people
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Good organization and planning skills.
  • Good in numbers

Using simple adjectives will make it easier for the applicants to evaluate themselves if they fit the job. Avoid putting too many descriptions. As it would make the candidates think they aren’t that good enough.

Some factors could also help in making your job ads more attractive:


The format of the job description is also a big factor in attracting employees.  If the format arrangement is in a neat way, where applicants can  comprehend what the job is. Then more candidates would get attracted to apply in your job post.


Clear directions of your office location would be one of the top important things to focus on in your job ads. Every important detail should be shown such as:

  • Number of the street
  • What floor of the building
  • Map on the location of the building
  • Landmarks where the building is near

Providing this information can make it easier for the applicants to locate your office if called for an interview. It could also be a factor for them to know if it is convenient for them to work in your location before even applying for the job.

3. Interviews

For interviews of applicants. Try to be more considerate since some applicants may not be well-versed if you based it on their resume. Yet, when you talk to them, you might find them as a potential candidate for the position you are looking for.

Another strategy in attracting more recruits will be using advertising tools. This can aid in getting  your target market of applicants.

Here are some tools or strategies  you can use:

1. Partnering with Schools

If one of your classifications is getting someone with a University degree, then try partnering with Universities. They have access to their previous students or even graduating students. They can even advertise your company’s hiring to their students.

2. Setting up an employee referral program

This recruiting strategy has been effective for most companies by giving bonuses to your present employees who can refer to a potential candidate. Your company can have more potential applicants if they, your employees, are your referrer. Then they can brief them about the exact job description.

3. Stating Salary on the job listing

Since most listings are on online or on job sites. Placing salary grades helps you get the right candidate. Applicants who will be applying, will be the ones who need the job. Not ones that are just trying their luck at every ad job they see. Knowing how much is the compensation could also be a factor to let the applicant know how much work they have to do.

By putting this all into your recruitment strategy plan, your company will be able to narrow down your applicants to potential candidates. It can save your time and effort as well as the candidates too.