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Leaf Art | Creative STAR Learning

Leaf Art | Creative STAR Learning

Quite a few persons know about environmental artwork. Andy Goldsworthy manufactured the concept community and well-liked from the Eighties onwards. More just lately land artists this sort of as Richard Shilling and James Brunt supply little one-welcoming inspiration through their inspirational artwork operate.

Some of the most lovely environmental artwork I have witnessed carried out at numerous workshops has been facilitated by facilitated by Alan Kain. He is a very well known furniture maker, faculty grounds guide, Forest School practitioner, designer, artist and all spherical good man. Not incredibly he is seriously in need from faculties, the enjoy sector and other organisations who book him for teaching, working with small children to build bespoke faculty grounds features and other contracts.

Alan Kain

Many yrs in the past, I was privileged to invite Alan to do a workshop on a thing that could be done in any outdoor room. So we labored on the tarmac on a lifeless conclude road. As Alan pointed out, tarmac does have its makes use of, not least as a quite resilient surface area and fantastic history for some Autumn leaf art.


Instead than challenging guidelines, Alan gave various practical guidelines this kind of as using nylon-free of charge clay to stick the leaves down and not seeking to create a image but to look at the colour, sample or line of the do the job. He also utilized the chances of working with leaves as a way of encouraging the individuals discover a lot more about leaves, trees, their value and attributes. As the images display, he manages to deliver out the  artist inside of just about every and each particular person and team. It was a spot-on workshop.

Play Time

Nylon-absolutely free and pvc-free clay really should be employed to stay away from fine plastic fibres ending up in the setting. You can get this by using Muddy Faces who have clear descriptions about which of their clays have what kind of additives.

Leaf labyrinth

Just by viewing these photos, heaps of opportunities spring to mind. Love the tone and colour of this meticulously constructed flag. Absolutely time to wave the organic flag and consider about the elegance and gains of nature…

PR Nature Flag

Why not take a look at the mathematical homes by means of a symmetrical butterfly?…


Imagine assembly a spider this measurement! Not the norm in Scotland…

Yo Spider

I’m pondering what sort of mini beast the creature under could be…


The tortoise was somewhat hungry and even tried to chomp on a lifeless leaf…


The wee mouse was relatively tempted by the parcel of cheese…


And look at out the moral of this picture. The hedgehog on the remaining has however to cross the highway. The 1 on the right was flattened. Oh pricey!


The do the job each group created was great. What do you believe? What would you do with some autumn leaves?

Eventually, I imagine a beautiful apt quotation will come from Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932), a Scottish city planner, biologist and educator. “By leaves we are living. Some folks have odd thoughts that they reside by funds. They assume energy is produced by the circulation of coins. While the environment is primarily a extensive leaf colony, developing on and forming a leafy soil, not by a mere mineral mass and we are living not by the jingling of our cash but by the fullness of our harvests. What’s more, the leaves designed the coal: coal is but plant-lifestyle fossilised and hence the coal miners are the modern day masters of electricity.” (Geddes, P. (1919). Final lecture at Dundee University (released in a 1949 reprint of Towns in Evolution). London:Williams and Norgate).

Several thanks to Inspiring Scotland and its Go2Perform programme for funding this instruction day. The video clip down below is taken from a Learning by Landscapes Scotland Meeting workshop  which Alan facilitated again in 2011 but remains an inspirational view.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=YWxModmTW2I

This web site write-up is an update of one that 1st appeared in September 2013.

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