October 4, 2023


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Leo Goodman, Who Remodeled Sociology With Stats, Dies at 92

This obituary is section of a collection about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Examine about many others listed here.

Till Leo A. Goodman commenced his perform on statistics in the early 1950s, scientists in the social sciences had a trouble. It was easy enough to quantify the connection amongst two numerical measurements — say, how peak correlates to earnings degree. But what about nonnumerical groups, like race and occupation?

There were being statistical procedures offered from the normal sciences, like physics, but they had been crude and imprecise when used to inhabitants data. At the exact same time, postwar The united states was viewing a boom in information of all sorts: Census exploration, public polls, marketing and advertising surveys and mountains of info gleaned from the hundreds of thousands of males who experienced served in Environment War II.

It was a gold mine for sociologists, and Professor Goodman gave them the resources to dig into it.

He arrived at the University of Chicago in 1950 as a 22-calendar year-previous assistant professor of sociology and studies, and nearly straight away started churning out landmark papers that revolutionized each his fields. Over the study course of his just about 70-yr career — he didn’t retire till 2017, when he was 89 — he designed not only the framework for analyzing massive sets of categorical data, but also the statistical instruments to exhibit interactions among those types.

His perform had an quick and lasting effects on the review of topics like poverty and social mobility. And as sophisticated quantitative assessment migrated into other fields, so did his procedures. These days his influence can be felt in spots as distinct as management reports and laptop science, wherever some of his statistical modeling equipment are remaining used to equipment understanding.

Professor Goodman died on Dec. 22 in a healthcare facility in Berkeley, Calif. He was 92. The bring about was complications of Covid-19, his son Andy said.

“Leo transformed the way categorical details is analyzed,” claimed Yu Xie, a sociologist at Princeton. “He was a genius, a legend.”

Leo Aria Goodman was born in Brooklyn on Aug. 7, 1928. His parents, Abraham Goodman and Mollie (Sacks) Goodman, ended up Ukrainian Jews who experienced emigrated to the Borough Park community, exactly where Leo grew up. His father worked for Mollie Goodman’s father, who owned a textile factory on the Reduce East Side of Manhattan.

Leo was only 16 when he graduated from Stuyvesant Large Faculty in Manhattan four several years later on he was valedictorian of his class at Syracuse University, where by he majored in math and sociology. It took him just two many years to comprehensive his doctorate in math at Princeton.

Maybe heading against the persona style for a math prodigy, Professor Goodman was outgoing and swift to make close friends: At the University of Chicago, he was near with the novelist Saul Bellow and the sociologist David Riesman, an author of “The Lonely Crowd.”

He married Ann Davidow, a children’s e-book writer, in 1960, just ahead of the few moved to Cambridge College, in England, in which Professor Goodman had a fellowship. There Ms. Goodman reunited with her Smith Higher education roommate, the poet Sylvia Plath, who swooned above her friend’s new spouse.

“I can’t explain to you how a great deal he amazed us,” she wrote in a letter to Ms. Goodman in 1960. “So good, kind, versatile and so incredibly handsome. A match, a match.”

A few months later, the Goodmans became the godparents to Ms. Plath’s initial baby, Frieda Hughes.

He and his spouse later on divorced. In addition to his son Andy, he is survived by another son, Tom his sister, Janice Towers and 5 grandchildren.

Professor Goodman did substantially of his early perform with William Kruskal, a mathematician at the University of Chicago. A few of the analytical tools they made, and which have their names — Goodman-Kruskal lambda, gamma and tau — are nonetheless extensively made use of in statistical software program.

He moved to the College of California, Berkeley, in 1986, a several many years immediately after acquiring a exceptional form of cancer. His medical doctors desired to amputate his ideal leg, but he dug into the professional medical literature and uncovered that chemotherapy and new kinds of therapy could preserve it.

Though the medical practitioners in the end removed the quadriceps in his leg, he was capable to walk with scarcely a limp right after various several years of physical treatment. When colleagues would move him on campus and ask how he was, he would reply, “Not good” — adding, following a conquer, “Terrific!”