July 15, 2024


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Results Are In – Practical Home Schooling Vs Public Schools

Results Are In – Practical Home Schooling Vs Public Schools

There are many, quality studies that indicate that practical home schooling on average develops better quality students. Part of this effect can be explained by observing that parents that have a say on tuition no matter which route they adopt. A parent that’s truly involved in the education of their children assists in motivating the student, resulting in better results.

Reported in one of the studies sponsored by the Dept of Education, practical home schooling test scores were especially high. The average score for each grade was so much higher than those of public and even private and Catholic school students.

The typical home schooled child in grades one to four were one grade higher then their peers. Once the students had reached the equivalent of eighth grade, they were in the region of three years in front of those that had attended a public school.

A factor of those findings that ought to be noted is the consequence of the public schools doing a particularly poor job – not simply that home education had been doing better. Nevertheless practical home schooled students often exceeded those at private schools.

Also, costs are much lower as well. Public education schools often spend on average $6000 per year for each student; the private schools spend just $3,250. Home schooling comes in by far the lowest at $600 per student each year. Of course, that last figure does not take into consideration the time a parent spends tutoring for free that a school teacher would be salaried for.

It’s estimated that over one million students are home schooled across America each year. Hundreds gone on to universities and colleges and in many instances the most difficult and prestigious at which to be admitted. In practical home schooling there’s a lack of the peer pressure that will tease those that exhibit a keenness to learn. As an alternative, there is a concerned tutor or parent that encourages the very best from within the child.