April 24, 2024


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Rocky Bayou student Mori McCain highlights NET device to end addiction

Mori McCain, a 10th-grade student at Rocky Bayou Christian School, presents her science fair project, "Opioid Addiction: What is the final fix?"

NICEVILLE — This past summer, Mori and Michael McCain found themselves in what most would not refer to as a typical father-daughter conversation.

Mori, a 10th-grader at Rocky Bayou Christian School, and her dad/“roadie” were chatting about the Neuro Electro Therapy (NET) 901 device, which uses transcranial stimulation to eliminate addiction withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

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Michael heard about the device on “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show,” when Metaxas interviewed Norman Stone, the producer of the “The Final Fix.” The documentary follows four addicted volunteers through an open-label study using the NET 901 Device. All end up addiction-free after seven days and remain that way more than two years later.

One thought came to Michael’s mind: Mori’s Rocky Bayou science fair project.

“When I heard these two guys talking, I said, ‘Mori, this could be a real good project because this could benefit humanity,’ ” Michael said. “‘This could be something you could feel really good about.’”

“I picked the project because I later found out how much of a crisis it is in the United States,” Mori said. “Forty-seven thousand people died in 2018 alone. The goal of this project is to promote the device so they can get it FDA-approved, because they’re having a hard time getting it approved.”