June 22, 2024


It's Your Education

Shri Ram Global School: One of the Best Creative Schools

A child may excel in her academics or be brilliant in playing sports. But acquiring creativity is the most difficult and depends on a lot of things. We value creativity in music, technology, art, entertainment, etc. Creativity is yearned for because it beautifies every presentation and makes it easier for us to understand.

Creativity depends on the imaginative power of a person. The more the person imagines, the more creativity will flow out from his head. It exercises every brain cell and makes them active. History has proved how imagining creative things have led to the greatest innovations in the future.

Creativity in Schools

Most of the public schools in our country run like a machinery factory producing students at the end of the day with a degree stamp on their result. If this mechanical process of learning of the public schools is not aligned with global schools, it will hamper the student’s present and future.

There is always space for a little creativity in the boundary of classrooms. But most classes work on the historical processes of a teacher teaching the books assigned as per the students’ curriculum and not going beyond that. This is not anyone’s fault since this has been an age-long ongoing process. In the present day, to make learning more interactive and interesting, teachers can shape their curriculum to allow the students to voice their creativity in front of their peers.

Here are four things that will help the teachers to set up a creative curriculum for their students in their classrooms:

  • Setting up activities according to the students’ academic syllabus will make the students explore their creativity in relevant ways.
  • After a student come up with his creative answers, demotivating them if they say something wrong is not right. All students like to be rewarded with compliments for their hard works.
  • Other than academics, schools should also focus on teaching extra-curricular activities. This will bring out the creative talents of many other students who do not necessarily excel in academics but are brilliant in their fieldwork.
  • All barriers to creativity should be done away with, which will give the students space and freedom to flow their creative juices however they want.

At the beginning, this new method of learning will confuse the students a bit, but with time they will easily cope-up with this framework and enjoy schooling more than ever.

Imagination and creativity are the traits of influencing the future. Both of them inspire students to be integrated with the process of learning and their fields of interests. After all, all educators’ main motive should be to teach the students how to think and always to think in the right direction in every situation.

In the present world, the value of creativity is very high, topping the list of most valued skills. In developing a student’s creative skill, parents’ roles are as important as a teacher’s since they are the ones that children look up to the most and gain confidence from.