April 14, 2024


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The Best Mega Bloks Building Toys

Toddlers tend to become bored with some toys but not building blocks that offer endless possibilities. From 12 months old, little ones are ready for Mega Bloks, pushing, stacking, and knocking them down. Some kids never outgrow their fascination with fitting pieces together and making gorgeous buildings, vehicles, and cities.

We’ve spent hours researching the best Mega Bloks sets for your little one and compiled a list of our top picks. Our editor’s choice is the Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag featuring 80 colorful blocks and a bag for easy storage. The large size block is designed for your little one and is an exciting gift for their first birthday. The block set is versatile, and with so many pieces, toddlers will be stacking blocks into their first school year.

The various Mega Bloks First Builders and Mega Bloks Junior Builders designs cater to youngsters and their interests. The list features a suitable toy for every 12-month child and older kids. There are Mega Bloks sets for tower builders, pile and throw, amusement park adventures, cute vehicles, sensory and alphabet learning, and peek-a-boo surprises.

What Makes A Great Mega Bloks Set? 

Parents should consider a few things when looking for a great Mega Bloks set for their child. These features and characteristics make Mega Bloks worth buying for little ones. We’ve done the hours researching to find blocks that are age-appropriate and not choking hazards to little ones.

Best Mega Bloks First Builders – Mega Bloks Toys Reviewed

Best Overall Mega Bloks Sets: Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

The Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag is our editor’s choice for the best blocks for children from 12 months old. The blocks set will grow with your child.

Little hands easily grasp these big blocks designed explicitly for a one-year-old boy or girl – the ideal introduction to construction toys. Initially, your child will play with a few blocks, but as they grow and their motor skills develop, they’ll stack higher towers and construct delightful creations only they understand.

With 80 big building blocks, there is no limit to their imaginative creations. There are enough colorful bricks to share with friends and build the highest tower. These blocks are compatible bricks to combine with other Mega Bloks construction toys, moving vehicles, and micro action figures. 

The Mega Bloks set comes in a reusable storage bag, perfect for easy storage when playtime is over. Kids won’t miss the large opening when tossing the blocks back into the bag; even younger children learning hand-eye coordination will find it easy. Putting blocks away teaches your toddler to clean up when done playing; it avoids losing bricks that lie around or get mixed up with other toys. The bag is great for travel; no need to leave the bricks behind when on holiday or visiting grandma.

The First Builder blocks are larger blocks for the younger age range; blocks for older kids are smaller and fit tighter. This basic brick set is a great first birthday gift for boys and a pink set for girls. Younger kids learn cause and effect when stacking bricks and knocking them down. Their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop with construction toys. Toddlers and preschoolers who enjoy constructing things will learn to focus, learn problem-solving skills, and improve critical thinking skills through classic construction play. 

Number of Pieces: 80

Age Range: 1-5 years

Best Blocks For Pull Toys: Mega Bloks First Builders Shape Sorting Wagon

A winning combination – a pull wagon and a block set! The multi-colored Mega Bloks First Builders Shape Sorting Wagon is the best Mega Bloks sets with a pull wagon. The toddler blocks set is the perfect gift for toddlers and children who love pull toys.

Learning shapes is fun! Toddlers will enjoy hours of fun matching the six special shape blocks to the shape sorter holes with the shape sorter. The blocks are different shapes, a perfect fit for small hands, and too big to be a choking hazard if the baby tries to put one in their mouth. A child learns to identify shapes during play and improve fine and gross motor skills.

Your little one will love this new toy; they can pull the cute wagon when taking a break from building blocks. The 12 x 17.875 x 12 inches wagon has an easy-to-grip handle for pulling the blocks to your kid’s desired location. The handle also features a buildable section for stacking blocks.

The Mega Bloks with the wagon is an excellent toy for preschoolers learning to identify, sort, and match shapes. The plastic wagon toy pulls easily, and the building section on the handle stimulates creativity.

Number of Pieces: 25

Age Range: 1 year and up

Best Mega Bloks For Peek A Boo Fun: Mega Bloks Peek A Blocks Amusement Park

The Mega Blocks Peek A Blocks Amusement Park is one of the top picks for engaging silliness and fun. The toddler blocks build a three-level amusement park with peek-a-boo characters invoking endless giggles and delight.

Kids love playing peek-a-boo. This quality block set invokes exciting surprises and creativity your toddler will love. They can build the amusement park and play with Doggy and Kitty Peek A Blocks. The characters appear as round little shapes in the amusement park, but a pleasant surprise awaits adventurous toddlers.

Endorsed by Fisher-Price, the hands-on builder blocks are perfect for little toddler hands; they learn to stack, create, and cause and effect when pressing buttons and launchers. The lever launches the Peek A Blocks down the slides, and the buttons on the animal’s head open the arms revealing a peek-a-boo surprise.

The block set includes 29 big building blocks, two Peek A Blocks, three slides, and a launcher. Designed to withstand youngsters’ play, the quality toy is the perfect gift for hours of fun play.

Number of Pieces: 30

Age Range: 1-4 years

Best Activity Table For Building Blocks: Mega Bloks Build ‘n Learn Table

The Mega Bloks Build ‘N Learn Table is the perfect solution for small places with limited floor space and storage areas. The toy is the best portable block set for traveling, visiting grandma, or keeping your toddler occupied when mommy is busy. Grab the portable table’s handle, and off you go!

You don’t need a box of blocks; everything is included with the table. A portable table features easy-to-grip handles for transportation, fold-up legs for set up, and storage for blocks. The tabletop features a track for the two rolling vehicles and space to build a town with a bakery, a house, a mailbox, and more. Store the blocks inside the table; the tabletop divides into four sections. Your toddler can remove one or more sections to reach the blocks and then place the sections back, forming the road track, ensuring the rolling vehicles reach their destination.

The 30 pieces block set features the building blocks and unique parts. Colorful bakery treats and coinciding numbers decorate blocks. When stacking these toy blocks, kids learn numbers and basic math simultaneously.

The portable learning table with a block set is an excellent toy for any toddler who enjoys creative adventures. It is the perfect hands-on play toy for early childhood development.

Number of Pieces: 30

Age Range: 1-5 years

Best Mega Bloks For Alphabet Learning: Mega Bloks First Builders ABC Musical Train

The Bloks First Builders ABC Musical Train toy is one of the top picks for early developmental milestones building toys. Toddlers learn the alphabet, enjoy audio stimulation, and the hands-on toy inspires creative building for budding engineers.

Inside the 50-piece toy box are three rolling wheelbases, cute train shapes, and alphabet blocks for sensory engagement. With alphabet letters A to Z printed on the simple bricks, toddlers learn while building. When little hands press the smokestack, it emits authentic train sounds and delightful music; the action helps kids understand cause and effect.

The large size is a perfect fit for little hands, and the adorable brick design train-face begs for hours of play. The toy has rolling wheelbases to push the ABC musical train. With its cute style and fun sounds, the toy is perfect for boys and girls.

 Number of Pieces: 50

Age Range:  1-5 years

Best Mega Bloks For Value: Mega Bloks Junior Builders Mini Bulk Tub

The Mega Bloks Junior Builders Mini Bulk Tub is the best value for money and perfect for toddlers. These bricks aren’t building blocks for babies but serious two-year-olds ready for hours of build, stack, construct and demolish fun.

With 180 building blocks, youngsters won’t run out of blocks, and there is more than enough to share. The blocks come in seven bright classic colors and are the perfect size for growing hands. Unique pieces include a wheelbase, a door and window open and close, frames, a bridge, and two flags. All these blocks and unique pieces will inspire adventurous and innovative creations.

A sturdy tub is perfect as a container during playtime and to store the blocks and pieces afterward. Combine the blocks with other Mega Bloks Junior Builder building sets and expand the creative construction. The books are compatible with mega brands and an excellent value for money purchase.

Number of Pieces: 180

Age Range: 2-6 years

Best Mega Bloks For Learning: Mega Bloks Let’s Get Learning

The Mega Bloks Let’s Get Learning set is an excellent combination of hours of fun and learning about shapes, colors, numbers, and more. The books for first builders are the perfect gift to prepare your little one for school early on and homeschooling; it’s never too early to start your kiddo’s education.

Bricks and blocks are generally educational toys, but this set takes it a step further with its versatility. A rainbow of hues helps kiddos learn colors, and the bright images and pictograms teach them counting and math with numbers. They learn about shapes and matching forms and pairing objects with the different brick shapes.

With 150 large blocks, youngsters from 1-year-old can build and learn for hours and hours. Meanwhile, they are developing problem-solving, creative thinking, and math skills. Preschoolers can familiarize themselves with skills needed for school without stress by engaging in creative, fun building blocks masterpieces.

Number Of Pieces: 150

Age Range: 1-5 years

What’s the difference between Mega Bloks Vs. Lego Duplo?

There isn’t much difference between Mega Bloks and Lego Duplo in quality and basic building block sets for toddlers. Mega Bloks are cheaper than Lego bricks, but Lego bricks are sturdier than Mega Bloks. Both Mega brands design colorful blocks and offer additional accessories, products, and characters that work well with the block sets.

Mega Bloks are large baby blocks for little ones from 12 months old, whereas Lego Duplos are smaller in size for older kids. Mega Blocks First Builders building sets are for the age range 1-3 years, Mega Bloks Junior Builders for 3-5 years, and smaller pieces, the same size as regular Legos, are for older children.

Lego Duplo blocks have two specific age ranges, 18 months and older and 2-years and up. Lego Junior is for youngsters 4-7 years transitioning to regular Legos. 

The significant difference is that Mega Bloks First Builder blocks are larger and have a looser fitting than Lego Duplo bricks, determining which building blocks to purchase. The looser fit of Mega Bloks First Builders and their slightly bigger size is great for little ones; they are the perfect starting blocks for 1-2-year-olds. The tighter fit of Lego Duplo could be too challenging for little ones but makes a good alternative for 2-5-year-old preschool toys. 

What are the developmental benefits of blocks for kids?

Block sets are excellent hands-on play for early childhood development. Toddlers build with these blocks improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness. Mega Bloks First Builders are large blocks for small hands to easily grip and maneuver. Toddlers strengthen fine motor skills by locking pieces together and building things to stimulate their imagination. These large pieces are excellent starter blocks and prepare kids for building sets with smaller blocks and elements.

What can toddlers learn from Mega Bloks First Builders?

A set of colored building blocks is an awesome toddler toy. They learn to balance blocks, and knocking towers down teaches them cause and effect. Building with blocks gives toddlers a sense of accomplishment, strengthens problem-solving skills, spatial skills, critical thinking skills, and improves fine motor skill development.

Various physical shapes and blocks with sound stimulate sensory learning. The alphabet blocks teach communication skills, and some blocks will help with additional language developmental skills. Playing with others will teach them social skills.