July 17, 2024


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Trombone Controls Virtual Trombone | Hackaday

Guitar Hero was a cultural phenomenon a minimal more than a 10 years in the past, and showed that there was a genuine enjoyable time to be experienced actively playing a digital instrument on a controller. There are many other equivalent game titles obtainable now for different instruments, together with one termed Trombone Champ that [Hung Truong] is a admirer of which replaces the common guitar with a trombone. The sliding motion of a trombone is noticeably distinct than the frets of a guitar, making it a exceptional problem in a video match. But an more problem is making a controller for the recreation that is effective by playing a real trombone.

Contrary to a guitar which can conveniently map finger positions to buttons, mapping a more analog instrument like a trombone with its continuous slide to a electronic place is a little more difficult. The tactic here was to use an ESP32 and method it to mail mouse inputs to a laptop. Very first, an air tension sensor was added to the bell of the trombone, so that when air is passing by way of it a mouse click on is registered, which tells the computer system that a observe is at this time staying performed. Second, a mouse situation is created by the place of the slide by using a time-of-flight sensor, also mounted to the bell. The ESP32 sends these mouse signals to the laptop which are then utilized as inputs for the video game.

Though [Hung Truong] located that his sensors ended up not of the best quality, he did uncover the latency of the manage interface, and the control interface itself, to be somewhat thriving. With some tuning of the sensors he figures that this could be a substantially a lot more efficient unit than the current prototype. If you are wanting to know if the guitar hero equal exists or not, get a glimpse at this basic hack from ’09.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=lUXrkq2e1zk