April 21, 2024


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Which Is the Best CBSE School for Your Child in Noida?

Choose the best school in greater Noida

You know the importance of higher education for your child. So, you can understand the necessity of choosing the best school for them. If you are a citizen of greater Noida, then this is a head-scratcher for you. The bustling town has many options, and it can be pretty confusing to determine which is the right choice for you.

Now, if you are looking for a school for your child, then CBSE is the obvious choice as it prepares your child for the competitive future. There are many great schools in Noida with glorious reviews and can be beneficial for your child’s future. But if you want the best for your child, we are providing you the answer.

What is the best CBSE school in greater Noida?

The answer to the above question is Shri Ram Global School. Situated in the west of Greater Noida, this has been an institution known for its excellence in education for some time now. This is a co-educational institution that strives only to prepare the students for a better future. Based on a sprawling four acres of land, the school is equipped with the latest STEM labs.

The emphasis is on the all-round development of the students and not just with academics. The school also has studios for performing arts, sprawling grounds, and swimming pools, etc. All these are there for the sole purpose of the child’s development, not only in academics but in other activities as well. There are gyms and indoor badminton and basketball grounds as well for the students.

At SRGS, the students are encouraged to find their interests and develop their skills. They are free to specialize in anything they want to. The emphasis is on developing a better future for the students so that they become a respected individual in the future.

The whole ground is covered under CCTV monitoring for their highest security. If you are uneasy about their safety at school, then this is the best CBSE school in greater Noida. The school has advanced and high-speed Wi-fi connection for the most interactive sessions with the children. The virtual reality labs also help take the education of your child to the next level.

Best school in Noida’s extension

SRGS is the best choice for your child’s education as it helps with the all-round development of their students. There are designated brain development centers for children that stimulate creativity in their minds. The dedicated staff and teachers make sure that all academics and the extracurricular activities of the students receive equal importance and attention.

The STEM labs are the latest addition and equip your child with the knowledge to keep up with the ever-changing technologies of the modern world. Also, unlike the other schools, the class sizes are small here. This is so the students can get the maximum attention from their teachers and work towards their betterment.