April 14, 2024


It's Your Education

Why education’s culture wars are only about some parents’ rights

A mom of four in Florida not too long ago questioned the repeated protection of “parent rights” that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cited before signing his controversial “Parental Legal rights in Education” invoice, known as the “Never Say Homosexual bill,”  at the close of March.

“ ‘Parental rights’? Whose parental legal rights? Only parental rights if you are elevating a youngster in accordance to DeSantis?” questioned the mum or dad, voicing a sentiment shared by a lot of families nationwide, with costs like Florida’s and insurance policies like Virginia’s “divisive practices” tip line leaving them fed up with the Republican-led wave of what they take into consideration anti-parentlegislation.

In the past yr, a culture war has taken above schooling. An region that deeply resonates with us all, education and learning has turn into a fantastic ideological battleground.