Andrew Van Wagner warns that the neoliberal experiment in Arizona is supposed to atomize, indoctrinate, and management the inhabitants.

As he writes, if you can dumb persons down, you can regulate them. If you can declare some subjects unacceptable in the classroom, like racism, you can indoctrinate them.

Van Wagner writes:

“It’s component of the way of controlling and dumbing down the inhabitants, and that’s critical.”

“Everyone need to struggle again versus the exertion to dumb people today down and control people—it’s frightening to imagine that the GOP is turning The united states into a region where folks really don’t have plenty of education and learning to be equipped to resist the GOP’s legislative and cultural agenda.”

“So the new Arizona regulation is a great and quintessential and perfect illustration of neoliberalism. The vision is—as I’ve prepared about previously—atomization for the basic population and loads of society and firm and community for elites.”

“Everyone desires to battle back again against the GOP’s attack on education. We simply cannot afford—in a pivotal period like this—to let the GOP impose atomization and indoctrination and management on the American populace.”