May 19, 2024


It's Your Education

Are You Ready To Homeschool?

Let’s face it, homeschooling is a huge step for anyone to undertake and it take lots and lots of preparation to get it right. But don’t despair, if you put in the effort and hours BEFORE you start on the homeschooling path, you’ll be cruising along later on – promise!

Most people fail in the early stages of homeschooling because they simply haven’t given each of the following points due consideration. Don’t make the same mistake. This is your and your children’s future & day to day life that you’re undertaking, so again, make sure you get it right BEFORE you start.

Personality & Patience

OK, I’ll admit, this is the one I worried about most when I first decided to undertake homeschooling – ‘Am I too hot-headed to do this’?! Well, yes and no… if you’re organized and know how to ‘read’ your children, you’re halfway there already.

You will be spending a lot of time with your children once you start homeschooling and most of that time is going to be, by necessity, in a controlled and orderly arrangement. If you are able to be firm with your children, mean ‘no’ when you say ‘no’ and set definite rules for your homeschool, then you’re well on your way to a successful homeschooling experience. Your children may attempt to manipulate you into disrupting your homeschooling schedule, but you’re just going to have to set very firm guidelines from the start and enforce them, so they know that homeschooling time is learning time, not acting out time.


The good news is that despite my initial misgivings, this was the least of my homeschooling worries. The reality is that you will get as much done in a few hours as a regular classroom teacher would achieve in a full school day. No attendance records, no time wasted on discipline (we hope!) and it will be much faster for you and your children to complete a lesson, simply because the tuition is one on one, which will speed everything up.

The bad news is that you also need to spend time planning your curriculum, organizing lessons in advance and then cleaning up when you’re done. Actually, I found all of this fun and a welcome part of my day, but we all differ, so take it into consideration.


Homeschooling isn’t free – you’ll need resources, books, teaching materials. You can pick up second hand books on eBay or Amazon for next to nothing and there are a myriad of free resources on the web for homeschooling parents. Sure, you can go crazy and spend lots of money on teaching resources and learning aids, but for the most part, everyday household items will suffice just fine. Don’t forget your local library and other free community resources. This can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.


Think seriously about your TIME, MONEY AND PERSONALITY before undertaking homeschooling. If you plan accordingly from the start and be HONEST about your capabilities, you’ll set yourself (and your children) up for a rewarding and enjoyable homeschooling experience. Don’t think that you can’t do it just because you’re not the most patient person in the world, neither do you need to be. You just need to be organized, committed and keep in mind why you wanted to do this in the first place. From there, anything and everything good is possible.