July 18, 2024


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Developing Good Reading Habit Among Young Learners At Home – 8 Tips

Developing Good Reading Habit Among Young Learners At Home – 8 Tips

Reading among kids nowadays are a rare sight, unlike before learners had enough time being occupied with a story book, magazine or pocket book, and the like.

Today, our youngster are busy with their gadget say, playing ML or whatever app they have on their cellphone.

This, of course, reflects the kind of readers we have in school and at home. Slow readers, poor comprehenders are just bad effects of not having the habit of reading among kids developed at a younger age. Add to that the difficulty they encounter in spelling out word correctly, inability to make a complete sentence and so on.

With these myriad problems or say challenges our kids are facing, there is always a time-tested strategy which, of course, doable.

Developing the good habit of reading among our kids is really timely and vital to their learning successes.

Parents must do something toward encouraging their kids the habit of reading.

Here are tips so as kids can have a chance to learn some reading skills.

1. Make sure there is a reading nook at home. Varied books, magazines, newspapers, etc must be there in shelves, and let kids read them. Encyclopedia, big dictionary, if you have some, must be used by kids; not just display materials. Books are meant to be read, and not to be a bragging thingy in your house.

2. Show them you are into reading. Yes, actions speak louder than words. If kids see you read, they would be encouraged to read.

3. Have a reading time together. Family reading together is a sight to behold. Instead of watching television, why not have reading time once or twice a week? Yes, let this be a wisdom for parents out there to make time reading together with their kids.

4. Buy books for them, er bring them with you to bookstore. Yes, a trip to a bookstore once a month is good reading boost to your kids. Not only they will have more fascinations to books, but also they will be curious to see different kinds of books.

5. When you read newspapers, make sure they also know the latest news, trends and so on. A little conversation with them about what’s new in science, politics, etc could really boost their reading habit to maximum learning. Yes, having this kind of bonding moments will definitely be fun and meaningful learning experience to them.

6. Read to them. Having this kind of bonding moments could really establish positive relationship to your kids. Yes, this becomes moments to remember when they are old and you are no longer with them.

7. Invite guest reader in your house. Yes, relatives or what, could be fun and meaningful experience for kids. Developing social and personal skills could be had through this simple yet impactful learning experience for young learners.

8. If kids have reading difficulties, there are lots of learning resources around: YouTube, websites and school portals for learning are within reach. What one needs is time and creativity to have these learning hubs, portals or what be instruments for effective learning quest.

So there you have it. With these your kids reading journey would definitely be fun and meaningful, and someday they will be writers and speakers — with substance.

Let our young learners be more curious about books, stories and all things around them. Curiosity is the beginning of learning. Make curiosity be your ally to encouraging them toward self-learning through reading. Yes, it is more fun and meaningful when done right, at home.