September 23, 2023


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EEG graph with activity sections highlighted, one part highlighted as "F" and other as "6"

DREEMWORK Lets You Code Morse From Inside Your Dream

Lucid dreaming fascinates hackers. Each individual handful of several years for over a 10 years now, we have observed a serious challenge committed to researching or getting benefit of this phenomenon, and the desire in this subject hasn’t faded even now. [Michael] has contacted us to notify about a tiny and unconventional breakthrough that a couple lucid aspiration hackers have achieved — speaking in Morse code from their dream making use of eye movements.

These hackers are working with Dreem 2 and 3 headbands, which contain medical-quality polysomnography capabilities like EEG measurements, which is instrumental for decoding eye actions. [Michael] tells us that 1 of the contributors, [Sebastiii], was equipped to transfer the letter F by hunting 2 times to the still left, then suitable and remaining all over again – ..-. in Morse. With an off-the-shelf headband, this information transmission strategy is pretty obtainable to any person eager to find out Morse, and [Michael] himself is now operating on an automated decoding resolution. We might forget about what happens in our desires fairly rapidly, but this sudden side channel could be a superior counter.

[Michael] has tipped us off to numerous of the projects we’ve coated, and himself has really a historical past in the subject. His very own investigate into utilizing Morse to connect out of lucid desires dates back as far as 2012. If your ham exam preparations have you aspiration in Morse, perhaps this is the best project to be a part of. A great deal of projects we have found concentration on attaining enough awareness to reach lucidity 1st, like the assortment of lucid dream-invoking masks we’ve included about the several years. This aspect being carefully explored, it would make sense that communication is the next frontier to be tackled.