May 30, 2024


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From Trekkie to ‘Star Trek’ science marketing consultant: Duke professor life out his dream | Training

“The science won’t be able to trump the tale,” Noor reported. “This isn’t really an episode of ‘Nova.’ It truly is ‘Star Trek.'”

Alternatively, Noor will search for techniques to make the science extra plausible. He at times sends scientific citations with his tips to the writers so that he can support protect his solutions to opportunity critics.

For instance, Noor said the writers may possibly be looking for techniques to make an alien invisible. Noor said he’d go through several scientific papers and could possibly propose how some thing might disrupt the nerves in the back again of people’s eyes that would look to make the alien invisible.

“The response won’t be able to just be ‘We don’t (make them invisible),'” Noor mentioned. “Or else their respond to may well be to come up with an ‘invisibility ray gun.'”

Noor claims that Erin MacDonald, an astrophysicist who is on retainer as a science advisor for “Star Trek,” may perhaps also operate exhibit ideas by him. They 1st satisfied at conventions and had become close friends very long just before functioning jointly on “Star Trek.”

Applying ‘Star Trek’ to clarify biology

His work on “Star Trek” has permitted Noor to broaden his mission of applying science fiction to pique people’s desire in biology. He established his BioTrekkie website ( and a YouTube webpage (little where by he makes use of examples from “Star Trek” to demonstrate scientific concepts.