July 18, 2024


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How Do Teachers Assess Online Learners’ Output?

How Do Teachers Assess Online Learners’ Output?

Online teaching can be both fun and challenging to teachers who are facilitating. Yes, not only does he/she have the technical expertise but also the ability to assess the following materials submitted by their learners, virtually or on ground, for some special cases like using digital camera to document a play, procedural tasks, among others:

1. Print – compilation of drawings, photographs, magazine clippings and so on organized according to its importance or what, could be great evidences of learning. Yes, sort of mov’s or mode of verifications (student’s version) where their mastered skills could be assessed against rubrics.

2. Non-print – voice clips, recorded audio or video of assigned or chosen task/s could be great way to gauge learner’s learning mastery level. Not only do they have a chance to showcase their skills in making and recording voice/video, but also they can flaunt their skills in speaking, acting, writing (script) skills, among others.

3. Digital – output like video of a skit made, procedures of creating something, and the like could be uploaded to YouTube and other web servers, can be appraised anytime as well, by a teacher or someone tasked to do so.

Yes, there you have materials which could be uploaded as audio or video files or could be stored in memory disk or stick for easy assessment purposes. While the making of those could be both fun and challenging to learners, teachers, as well, have same experience ensuring that everybody has submitted and could get the right assessment based on the established rubric right before the term or quarter.

Telling them the criteria and the expectations beforehand could be springboard for learners to produce outstanding outputs which could give them favorable feedback or encouragement later developing their skills so as to have mastery and all.

A conscientious teacher knows how to give the needed support, even to the point of challenging learners discover more their talents with regards to the skill/s being developed, and could go beyond classroom, either virtually or on ground.

Few and far between are people who understand the essence of right mentoring, both for teacher and learners improved performance: the former for providing the right resources, and for the latter, the needed boost to go on discovering their strength so as to become active learners, and gradually users of right information.

This kind of endeavor for both of them could be the beginning of more fun and meaningful exchange of resources so as to get the wisdom from lessons taught and absorbed by both parties. Teachers and learners via virtual or online class can have engagement, effective and efficient, as long as they are willing and able to give their best toward realization of their goal/s.

Yes, there is always a need for authentic learning gauged by competent teachers who know the impact of feedback-giving to their eager learners developing skills toward self-actualization journey.

So there you go. More wisdom coming your way as we go together toward getting ourselves competent enough to provide the needed skills for our learners to becoming free and skillful users of information for their own magnificent growth and development. Cheers!