October 1, 2023


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Make Your Own Color Gradient 3D Printing Filament

Coloration gradient filament is enjoyable stuff to participate in with. It allows you make 3D prints that bit by bit fade from a person colour to yet another together the Z-axis. [David Gozzard] required to do some printing with this outcome, and figured out how to make his have filament to do the work. 

[David] meant to 3D print a spectrogram of a gravity wave, and required the graph to go from blue to yellow. Only obtaining a single-colour printer, he necessary coloration shift filament, but could not locate any blue-to-yellow filament on the net.

The ensuing colour-shifting print looks great, demonstrating the benefit of the procedure.

As a result, he elected to generate it himself. He begun by creating a spiral product in Fusion 360, with a hexagonal cross-section and slowly tapering off to a stage. Slicing and printing this in blue results in a filament that slowly and gradually fades down to a place. The opposite form can then be printed in yellow, tapering from a position up to a whole-sized filament. The trick is to print a single form, then the other, by mashing the G-code alongside one another and altering the filament from blue to yellow together the way. The outcome is the blue and yellow plastic receives printed together into a solitary filament that step by step modifications from one particular to the other.

Notably, the filament is more compact than the first filaments used to make it, so it is needed to run a little diverse options when working with it. [David] has shared the types on Thingiverse for those people eager to recreate the technique at house. His ensuing gravity wave print is outstanding, demonstrating that this procedure works properly!

We’ve found comparable various strategies utilized for generating multi-coloration filaments right before, far too. Movie after the break.