December 4, 2023


It's Your Education

Our Yorkshire Farm star says grades don’t matter after homeschooling her nine kids

As the United Kingdom went into lockdown back in March 2020, parents across the country were all faced with the daunting task of suddenly having to homeschool their children.

Yorkshire shepherdess Amanda Owen was no different to everyone else as she found herself having to juggle farm life whilst also trying to educate her nine children in their Ravenseat home.

“Everyone’s situation is unique and for me, of course homeschooling brought it’s own problems,” the Our Yorkshire Farm star said when discussing the past year with the Mirror.

“We didn’t have enough technology for everyone to be sitting down at a laptop from 9am until 3pm and, to be honest with you, it wasn’t something I thought was particularly healthy anyway,” she went on to reveal.

Amanda and Clive Owen with their nine children outside their farm house.
The Our Yorkshire Farm mum shares nine children with her husband, Clive Owen.

The Channel 5 star is mother to nine children with her husband Clive Owen – Raven, 20, Reuben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clemmy, five, and four-year-old Nancy.

Viewers have fallen in love with Amanda and her family since they first appeared on our screens back in 2018 and many with undoubtably share her priorities when it comes to her children and education.

“It (homeschooling) was difficult really,” she admitted to us when speaking ahead of her latest collaboration with Premier Inn.

“There’s always something going on with the farm and all the animals so it was difficult for me to say, on a day when all kinds would be happening outside, ‘Hey come on kids, let’s log on and do some geography’ for example”.

Amanda Owen on a farm surrounded by animals
The Channel 5 star has teamed up with Premier Inn to launch its video streaming platform ‘Ewe Tube’ to help Brits rest easy before their summer holiday

Amanda went on the reveal that her children’s happiness and health comes before any educational achievement.

“No two people, household or family are the same and, as long as children are happy, that’s what matters.”

While some children may have some catching up to do at the end of all this, while we’re all alive and kicking and have smiles on our faces, that’s worth more than whether you get an A, B or C grade!”

While having such a large family can sometimes cause problems, the Yorkshire shepherdess found it quite the opposite throughout lockdown.

Child Clemmy Owen kissing a farm animal.
One of Amanda’s nine children, Clemmy enjoying life on the farm.

When asked how her children found lockdown and homeschooling, she said: “To be honest with you, they’re not particularly worriers. “

“They’re all different ages so they all have a different understanding of what’s been happening but we have a relationship as a family unit that means it’s no holds barred and we can talk about anything.”

“I think it’s really healthy. What’s bothering the older teenagers can translate to the younger ones and they can always have someone to listen to them and discuss their problem. We’re all into problem solving and do do we cope with any situation we find ourselves in.”

Judging by smiles on her children’s face, it appears that the Owen family is coping just fine.

Amanda Owen has teamed up with Premier Inn to help the nation rest easy, by creating the brand’s first ever video streaming platform, Ewe Tube, dedicated to encouraging sleep by digitally counting sheep. To check out Ewe Tube please see here .