June 23, 2021


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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen rocked by ‘terrible sleepless nights’ juggling home-schooling with animals

OUR Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen has revealed she was rocked by “terrible, sleepless nights” as she juggled home-schooling with farming.

Amanda, 46, opened up about family life during the pandemic and how lockdown impacted on her business.


Amanda Owen opened up about her ‘sleepless nights’ in lockdownCredit: yorkshireshepherdess/Instagram

The Shepherdess, who is has nine kids, admitted that she had several restless nights.

She told The Mirror: “You worry about where all this is going?”

“Having nine kids at home is not [compatible] with good sleep patterns, I can tell you.

“I mean, you’ve got all the issues with homeschooling and questioning yourself about what is going to happen to the world and whether you’re doing the right thing.”

The Shepherdess revealed her struggles to home-school her kids


The Shepherdess revealed her struggles to home-school her kidsCredit: yorkshireshepherdess/Instagram

Amanda explained that her business had been hit by the pandemic, especially as tourism had seized in the area.

She said that they are usually occupied with sheep farming for the first six months of the year, while the rest of the year involves “shepherding tourists”.

Amanda recently spoke about the impact of losing her dad as a teenager.

In a candid video, Amanda said: “My name’s Amanda Owen and my dad died when I was 17.

Amanda and husband Clive share nine children


Amanda and husband Clive share nine childrenCredit: Renegade Pictures

“So, my dad was called Maurice, he was a giant of a man.

“He was six foot nine, he was just a real gentle giant.”

The TV star added: “We had a great relationship, but I suppose thinking about it now, I maybe would have made more of the time that we have together.

“If I’d known I was going to lose him at such a young age.

Amanda recently spoke about losing her dad as a teenager


Amanda recently spoke about losing her dad as a teenagerCredit: Twitter / @AmandaOwen8

“So, if I could give one piece of advice or message to any children or young people out there who, sadly this year have lost parents, grandparents, relatives or friends.”

“I would just say, ‘Try and find it within yourself to talk about how you’re feeling’.

“Don’t keep those emotions all bottled up inside.”

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