September 23, 2023


It's Your Education

Richmond-area general public colleges shorter around 270 bus drivers, Chesterfield educational facilities ended the 1st week about 100 motorists shorter | Schooling

The district gave ideas for the college community to assist with the bus driver scarcity, which includes making supportive indications possibly in chalk, on a auto window or a lawn indicator. College students can write thank-you notes to bus motorists and instructors, and any individual with suggestions for increasing student transportation can e-mail ccpsinfo@ccpsnet.web. Chester-primarily based Grant Espresso Co. offered bus drivers a cost-free cup of residence coffee previous 7 days.

Chesterfield’s commencing hourly fee is $17.21, followed by Richmond’s $16.85 fee, Hanover’s $15.75 and Henrico’s $14.91.

Even though leading the hourly price, Chesterfield falls second to previous for bonuses.

Henrico, facing a triple-digit shortage of bus drivers at 115 motorists, is featuring a $1,000 bonus for inexperienced drivers, a $2,000 reward for new drivers who have a professional driver’s license, and a $3,000 reward for these who have the endorsements that allow for drivers to push equally faculty buses and passenger automobiles.

Missing 20 motorists for its 200-bus fleet, Richmond Community Educational facilities will now present a $1,200 bonus for new motorists and a $2,200 bonus for current drivers and new drivers who by now have a commercial driver’s license.

Chesterfield motorists will acquire a $500 reward twice a calendar year, in Oct and April, and can get paid an further $100 bonus every single semester for protected driving and a regular $50 bonus for best attendance. Hanover, which is short 34 bus drivers, does not offer driver bonuses, but the district does present pay back incentives for motorists who will travel extra bus routes.