July 18, 2024


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School Management Software – AIMS PLUS

School Management Software – AIMS PLUS

Last month I bought a School Management Software AIMS PLUS for my friend’s school. I found the software is very useful to my friend’s school administration. It was above my expectations and I am very satisfied with the performance of the software till date. The software is designed by keeping in mind the complexities my friend used to face in his day to day activities in school.

I think most of the schools will be benefitted from the features provided by the software. I am not marketing on behalf of the company whoever has developed this software but I am sharing my experience with the software to the people who are going through this article.

My friend was benefitted from the software in more then one ways. Earlier he needs to deploy a large number of employees to the administration related tasks, but now all these jobs are done by the software. Now the whole staff are fully deployed for the study and grooming of the students in different aspects.

The reports generated by the software can be customised according to the need of the hour, which is very useful for my friend’s school. The software generates full fledged dynamic reports. The interface forms used to feed data are so user friendly that a user does not have to be an expert computer savvy, all the features available are menu driven and can be operated by any one with minimum computer knowledge.

I was amazed to realise that i got such a useful software in a very competitive price $2500 for the offline version. My friend still does not believe that he is running such a wonderful software in that amount of price.