July 15, 2024


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Transsexual Children Confused by Body Image

Transsexual Children Confused by Body Image

A recent report on a Sydney TV station of a young girl who was born a boy should be a wake-up call to those wanting an explanation for why this happens. There are now so many cases of this world-wide that laws are changing in some countries to accommodate their needs. In Australia, for example, obtaining sexual hormones that are necessary for sexual development of missing organs may occur without a court order.

With memory of my reincarnation it is something that is understood by me. As a man in my last life and a female in this the thing that struck me as a child was my missing strength. It felt like I was in the wrong body and believed, therefore, that it was my mistake. Only recently has it been shown to me that we don’t pick our parents or our sex.

In my experience we transfer from life to life and during the process our sex changes. With those who have good memory of their former lives the switch is not only confusing but often not accepted. Young children are bullied by parents and society into changing their feelings and they subsequently forget their memory of a previous existence.

This did not happen to me because of the other language that I brought with me. It meant that parents and others could not change my recollections or talk me out of what stayed with me as a consequence.

Religions that brain-wash people into believing in mystical places like heaven and hell have much to answer. They have no idea about the after-life but promote the dreams of ancestors who worshipped the sun and believe they could become a star in the night sky by adhering to their laws. Many are suffering unbelievable torture by not having their sexuality understood.

In the case of the above mentioned child ‘she’ (her now status) was caught by her mother when at the age of 4 she was trying to cut off her penis. They are now accepting of her claims to be a female and have taken the necessary steps to make the change complete.

We are in a world of fast communication and the videos on the Internet of reincarnation should not be missed by those seeking answers about what happens after end of life. In my case I was in darkness with the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, before being above my parents as they were married one month before my birth.

With memory from the beginning of this life it has been my lot to discover why reincarnation is not accepted by the main-stream of society and how and why religions banned it. When the facts are known the confusion about body changes that occur due to the transition from life to life will be more readily acceptable.

Religion is power and control and is, therefore, supported by governments and others who use it to force people to conform to man-made laws. The World Order, which some call the ‘establishment’ is based on what primitive man created. The sun was considered the god of creation and the images created by it were taken as messages from the Supreme Being.

My experience proves that heaven and hell are myths and that children feel the loss of their previous existence when they have memory of reincarnation. There is much the world does not know about the reality of our existence and the children who are called transvestites‘ are often the least understood.

Religious fundamentalists who target homosexuals are out of line as well. It is often hard for reincarnates to adjust to the role of the opposite sex. Not only is their physical shape a problem but the emotional and often misunderstood aspect of their lives becomes a shambles when they are targeted by ignorance and intolerance.