April 14, 2024


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What Is Domain Privacy Protection and Its Importance?

Around 21% of subdomains are directed to content that doesn’t lead anywhere, increasing the risk of subdomain hijacking. Domain privacy protection service provides a shield against such attempts, reducing the chance of malicious exploitation.

When you purchase your NZ domain name, your personal information is exposed to potential exploitation. How is that? Because all your data is publicly made available through WHOIS records. And that is why ensuring domain privacy protection is crucial.

In this article, we are going to look at what domain privacy protection is and why it is essential for secure web hosting infrastructure.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

When registering a domain name, you provide your essential credentials such as your contact details, personal and business name, location, contact details, etc. 

To maintain the authenticity of the domain and register, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers exposes this information along with when you purchased and the expiration of the domain name to the public. Making the information easily accessible in a public directory and vulnerable to cyber threats. 

WHOIS provides domain privacy protection services to web page owners. This service helps to keep personal details hidden from the public directory. That ultimately protects against any unwanted attention or shady dealings.

Importance of Domain Privacy Protection

  1. Saves Against Cyber Hacking

There are a number of ways to do domain hacking. The most common way is attacking the weak spot of a company that registered your domain.

This is risky as it lets your personal info be exposed. That is why it’s super important to add extra protection to your domain.

Domain privacy protection gives you that extra layer that keeps your personal and business info safe from prying eyes.

  1. Saves You from Spamming

Exposing your information can lead to unwanted sales calls. But it gets worse! When some of these callers intend to harm. They could be scammers trying to trick you into getting your personal details.

Having Domain privacy protection is like putting a big “Do Not Disturb” sign on your online door, keeping all pushy marketers and sneaky scammers out.

  1. Saves from Fraudulent Domain Transfer

A fraudulent domain transfer is when someone makes changes to your domain registration details without authorization. It is done by hijacking the personal details of the domain owners and then attacking their email to get access to their domain registrar’s account.

This can also get further dangerous as hackers can carry out phishing attacks. It can be done by manipulating with the help of fake web pages to get access to visitors’ sensitive information.

But with domain privacy protection, you add extra protection against any such fraud.

  1. Saves from Data Scraping

Data scraping refers to when someone snatches personal info from places like WHOIS and sells it to others, which is dangerous. But with privacy protection for your website domain, you can lock on your online information door, keeping your data safe from prying eyes and greedy hands.

  1. Saves from Competitor Exposure

With your info out, anyone, even your competitor, can get access to it. For small business owners, every advantage counts. If your competition gets hold of your secrets, it could cost you big time. 

So, with domain privacy protection, you can keep all your cards close and protect against competitor exposure.


Therefore, we can conclude that domain privacy is worth it. Investing in it is safeguarding your business’s sensitive information and maintaining a competitive edge while creating a strong web hosting infrastructure for your business..